What I Want For Christmas From LinkedIn

What I want for Christmas from LinkedIn

  1. Incentivize people to actually update their profiles and update with a real resume
    1. Either make resume (in PDF) a first class part of your LinkedIn professional profile. (do not send an update to your network, I don’t mind my boss finds an updated resume, but I don’t want this update to be broadcasted) I know people are reluctant to put their resume on LinkedIn, but why not make it acceptable that everyone should keep an updated resume online?
    2. Or… if this is too radical, make ‘resume’ a first class citizen in a private part of your profile so recruiters can use that PDF to get access to an up to date resume?  Right now, my guess is about 75% of people’s LinkedIn profile is not up to date and needs to be updated when people actually look for a job.  (I’ll take challenge from anyone that I can randomly sample 20 profiles and 15 of them are out of date compared with their resume by at least 1 to 2 years.)
  2. Increase signal to noise ratio by letting me remove : ‘People in your network have new connections’, ‘See anyone you know? Connect with them’, ‘is now following:’ , ‘has a work anniversary.’, ‘has an updated profile:’
  3. Let me privately dislike something and personalize my feed based on what I dislike.

Thank you little elves at LinkedIn :)

One inbox to rule them all! Check your Gmail, Outlook and AOL email in @YahooMail


No only can you now use Yahoo to check emails from GMail and AOL.

The coolest feature is that Yahoo implemented a backend search that is way better than any email client could do.  Check out how cool and fast the searches are.

Download here


Power users: try these searches

from:tony – emails sent from yahoo.com
– email sent to yahoo.com email
subject:amazon –
find all email with subject amazon



5 Simple Steps To Securing Your Online Privacy And Security In 2016

Do you have the same password for multiple online accounts?  Imagine the worst case senario that can happen if any of your accounts were hacked.   These types of accounts are a nightmare if they were hacked: your email, Apple account, bank account, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter.

You could be publicly embarrassed, financially compromised or worst, compromise your online connections.

Here are a few simple steps to do before 2016 comes around

  1. Turn on 2 factor authentication.  This will use another form of verification besides passwords.  Most common is an phone number or a one time pass code generator that has an expiration time.
  2. Use a password generator like LastPass or KeePassX to create a non-human readable password for every account.  This way even if your password was compromised on a site like Target.com, no other account is compromised
  3. Take a look a your online connections like LinkedIn, Facebook, remove connection who you don’t trust or do not know.  It’s good to clean up your social connections.  For example: with LinkedIn, all your 1st connections can see your email address.
  4. Create another email account for your social accounts or any account that exposes your email address to search engines or your social connections.  This way even if your social connections were hacked, your email and contact information will not be exposed
  5. Create a Google Voice number and linked that to your phone number.  Always give out your Google Voice number and never your real phone number.  This will allow you to easily block anyone who gets your phone number by unknown means.

That’s it, taking these steps will allow you to be more educated about online privacy and security.  And you will have better chance to withstand the oncoming cyber security hacks in 2016 and beyond.  The hackers out there will leave you alone because there are other people who are much more easily hackable.