What is the best advice you have ever received? (from Quora)

This is from Quora

Find something that fully engages your mind. And your heart. For that is the way to happiness.

Push harder. Do better. Never give into complacency. Be wide-ranging in your interests, and decisive in your judgments. Give every opportunity the benefit of the doubt. Always go the distance. And don’t buy uncomfortable shoes.

Think for yourself. Be realistic, but not pessimistic. Listen.

Do not let shyness rob you of pleasure. But be careful when you are the center of attention, the light there is blinding.

Do not lie, cheat, or steal, even when everyone else in the country is.

There are no known, predetermined, absolute values. We create our own morality. A good person judges his actions by the effects they will have on others, and by estimating the result if everyone behaved the same way.

Don’t look for the meaning of life. Supply it.

Return your calls, and answer your mail. This alone will set you apart, as many people are either too rude or too disorganized to practice this simple courtesy.

To be born into this country of freedom and opportunity, but with a disability that renders both outside your grasp, may be the cruelest trick that fate can play on an infant. You have no disabilities. Always remember that.

A heart never heals, but it does get stronger.

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iPhone version of How To Tip app

A quick follow up to the simple tipping app for Andoroid

This is the iOS version of the How To Tip app

How To Tip iPhone app

Get How To Tip on Apple App Store

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Trello to track life goals

I use Trello to keep track of my long term life goals.  I setup ‘organizations’ for ‘health goals’, ‘work goals’, ‘money goals’, ‘family goals’.

Then setup boards for each goal.

I still use Remember The Milk for single task todo.   Using Trello allows for multiple taks for each goal.  I also look over all the goals to remind myself what my long term goals are to keeo me focused.

One change I am making is to copy what Marissa M. does with writing down a list of todo for the current day on paper.

Trello for life

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Yahoo Open House on Node.js, Olympics, Personalization

’Tis the season to talk tech, have some drinks, and hang out at Yahoo! 
This Thursday we’re hosting our Pre-Holiday Engineering Open House and Good Time.  If you made it to our first open house, then you know not to miss this one!
We will be talking tech, serving cocktails + mulled wine + snacks, and having an appearance by our very own Sanjay Claus and Elves.  Seriously?  Yes, Seriously.
We will have lightning talks on:
* Node.js  — How Yahoo is rebuilding our biggest sites on Node.js
* The Olympics — how we serve the crazy load and keep medal counts, video, blogs, and articles flowing and up to date
* Personalization — a bit about how we rank and serve a personalized list of stories to you
Come on down this Thursday evening and chat informally with the engineers that make it all happen.  Have a snack and a drink.  It will be a fun and enlightening time…  Then take Friday off ;)
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Yahoo Homepage and Verticals Open House

Ever wonder how often we release the Yahoo Homepage? Or how big a speed boost Yahoo Sports gets by doing Edge-side Assembly?  Curious to hear the tricks we use to keep CSS bloat free and forward-compatible with things we haven’t even dreamed up yet?

You’re in luck! Our engineering teams are hosting a casual evening mixer with food, drinks, tech talks, and in-depth breakout sessions.

Topics for this Open House are:

  • Shipping code super-fast at massive scale – How we build, test, and release the Yahoo Homepage.
  • Edge-side Assembly, Caching, and Resiliency – How Yahoo Sports cut their TTFB and improved site-up.
  • Stencil UI/UX – How we are using the principles of Atomic CSS and standard design patterns to keep page weight down and stay “forward-compatible”.

Come hang out, talk some tech, and have a good time with us.

Yahoo has plenty of on-campus free parking and is conveniently located near two VTA stations.

See you soon!

Contact me if interested

November 21, Thursday 5:30pm

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1-liner setup for your development environment

ydev setup <anything>

I did an informal poll at Yahoo, and also with candidates who interview with Yahoo.

When they join a new team, how long did it take to setup their dev environment.  It ranges from 30 minutes to a day, and even several days.

I asked them what if I pour water on their dev box, how much effort would it take to setup their environment again.

Usually people looked at me like I was crazy, and then they say 1/2 day, and they have to look up a twiki page, or some notes.

The effort I am pushing for at Yahoo is for any dev env to have a single line of setup, to install, verify it works, and takes less than 1 hour.

This tool would track

  • how many developers install it
  • how many failures, successes
  • how long it took

My team and I built the ydev tool that does exactly that.  We love it and so do many others.

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Join Yahoo! to build tools to increase the productivity of thousands of engineers

Do you like to build automation to help others to productive?

Do you see in-efficiencies when thousands of developers are doing something that can be done better?

Join me at Yahoo!  email me directly on LinkedIn


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